I'm Matthew Edgar, the owner of QW Consulting. I founded QW Consulting in 2003 to help businesses figure out what type of website and online presence will best serve their customers and their business overall.

Since 2003, I have helped hundreds of clients grow their business by developing new websites and enhancing their existing websites. I have worked with companies of all sizes, including big brand names, non-profits, startups, local retailers, and smaller businesses.

I have a deep technical knowledge of how the web works, including years of experience working in various programming languages. Along with programming, my background includes marketing, search engine optimization, data analysis, information architecture, and usability.

That mixture of skills gives me a unique perspective on how to improve my client's website and online presence. I understand code but I also understand how people (your customers!) interact with that code.

I'd love a chance to help you and your business. Please contact me today and let's setup a time to start discussing how you can improve your website and grow your business.

Why the "QW" in QW Consulting?

The "Q" and "W" in QW Consulting come from a standard, QWERY keyboard. On a standard desktop computer keyboard, the top two letters on the left of the keyboard are the Q and the W. This is called a QWERTY keyboard and it is the most common keyboard layout in use today.

The QWERTY keyboard layout was invented in the 1870s for typewriters. This design was created in an attempt to reduce how often the typewriter jammed. The less the typewriter jammed, the faster typists could type. In addition to a reduction in jamming, the QWERTY keyboard also optimized the layout of the keys so that a typist could move his or her hands faster across the keys.

In other words, the QWERTY keyboard is a great example of optimizing technology to make that technology work better for the person using that technology.

Ultimately, that is what QW Consulting is all about: optimizing your website so that it is easier for the people who use your website.